Why Calhoun Believers?

Whether we like it or not, most would agree, we all live in a much different world than just a few years ago. Things certainly have changed. Out of “necessity” we’ve allowed the world to push us into its mold. Unfortunately, as is often said, we’ve sacrificed the important on the altar of the urgent. Our world today has caused people to use what may be termed “justified precautions” when it comes to their lives outside of the home. As a result, relationships have become superficial at best.

This has taken a toll on the church and what God intended it to be. As people have withdrawn from one another, the admonitions of the New Testament to nurture a living faith and build meaningful relationships with other believers in Christ are mostly ignored. We’ve settled for attending a church service or getting involved in some church program believing we’ve done what is expected. But expected by whom? Certainly not by the One who commanded His disciples to pick up their cross “daily” and follow Him.

Once upon a time (no, this isn’t a fairy tale) the Church of Jesus Christ consisted of people who loved and cared for one another. Believers shared their struggles, hurts, and everyday problems with each other. They were deeply involved in peoples lives. All because they had one big thing in common. They all knew what God had done for them by sending Jesus to pay the price for their sins and bring them eternal life by faith in Him. Their gratitude to God was seen in every aspect of their lives by others. They were the Family of God.

This koinonia (shared common life) was the dominant feature of the early believers, and they began to turn the world upside down. But in spite of the admonitions of the Lord and the warnings from the writers of the New Testament, the church adopted many ways of the world and became an impersonal organization, instead of a vibrant living organism. The Family of God was transformed into church attenders.

We believe God wants His church to return to Him, and once again become the family He wants. That is why Calhoun Believers exists. If you are serious about living out your faith daily, not just a few hours a week, and want to connect with others who feel the same way, we invite you to contact us.


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